Qualities of a good leader

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Qualities of a good leader

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As you bracing yourself to attend future Leadercast events, it is worth pondering and meditating on what it is that makes a good leader. Is it the following? Is it the celebrity status? Is it all the money in the world inside one of many expensive money clips? Is it the good visibility on every SEO blog? Really, what makes a good leader?

What is for sure is that it takes much more than heading a family reunion planning activity or even being the brain behind the best real estate website design team to be a leader. To be honest, sometimes you don’t even need to be in any position of influence to lead. Here we look at a few qualities that every good leader should possess.


Leadership is all about making selfless decisions for the greater good and ensuring that these decisions remain un-compromised. If all you are interested in is how much you can earn from your SEO Company rather than the general good of everyone involved, then as high ranking as you might be, you are not a good leader. It’s not the car you drive, clothes your wear or a high quality business card holder that makes you a leader – it’s your selflessness.


This simply means being real and genuine, something that oofos products are known for. The opposite is fake and sadly, there is no shortage of fake leaders, these leaders are faster than cheetahs in claiming praise when the going is good but when push comes to shove, they are nowhere to be found. A good leader should never make decisions in the moment, no matter how enticing, that will render them as liars in the future. While charting a leadership path, one should always aim to write stories that they can proudly tell in the future.


It is said that the real integrity of a leader is seen when all seems lost. When all odds go against you and what you believe to be right, what do you do? Do you doubt your abilities or do you continue rallying your troops until you win the battle? Can you motivate others to not only see your point, but also to own it as their own? It is these small margins that separate the average from the best.

Focused and committed to excellence

These two qualities are never far apart in that one complements the other. Focusing in the goals at hand is the best way to attract excellence. All your charisma and confidence will only account to something if you can actually use it to accomplish the desired tasks. Before you go home, to TheInsoleStore or to other leisure activities, ensure that you have tackled the goals of the day successfully.

As a parting shot, there can never be a shortage of adjectives with which to define a good leader. However, at the end of the day, speaking is not enough. Go and act!

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