Leadership: Read Between The Lines

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Leadership: Read Between The Lines

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I am sure you have heard from SEO Blog posts or other platforms that, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. Similarly, an establishment, a company or an organization is only as strong or efficient in carrying out its mandate as the feeblest person.

Which brings us to the question. Does the position of this weak link matter? You can take a seo class in nyc because seo training is one way to figure out the answer. Or you could read on, because it is one thing to have a weak follower but what if the weakness lies in the leading link? I leave you to ponder that.

A leader, being the one tasked to make decisions albeit in consultation with other members, should work twice as hard to ensure that his integrity, boldness and commitment to the cause is never questioned. Successful companies like www.excida.com and Fox Pest Control always pride themselves in having sound leaders who are not afraid to make decisions to drive their organizations forward, though unpopular to some of the people.

A very important quality of a leader and one that is the main subject of this post is reading between the lines. People will smile with you in one instance, probably while seeking for promotions and favors, and then backbite you in another. Ensuring that you remain unwavered in a constantly changing environment could be a key defining factor as to how long you can last at the helm.  Always keep in mind that leadership positions are very sensitive and mistakes done by leaders can have consequences that transcend generations. You only need to look at history to know this.

The importance of your followers or rather ‘the guys on the ground’ should not be underestimated since, for all the strength of the leaders, it is these guys, be it that real estate website builder who patiently interacts with the client till all their website needs are met or that exterminator who does not rest until all the pests are eradicated that carry the values of the organization and what it stands for to the people. These guys act as the brand ambassadors of the organization and any leader of note and one who knows how to read in between the lines will always work to ensure that they are the most motivated members of the entire team. If the partnership with BrightEdge to market your company’s latest innovation results in unprecedented success, sharing the glory with your subjects may look, in hindsight, as if it is lowering yourself but it could be that magic wand that boosts you and your organization, propelling you higher.

Another important thing is identifying the profiles of your followers and adjusting your leadership style accordingly. Some people are happy when you are always around to guide them and all but others would appreciate it if when you give them a task, you actually step back and let them do it with minimum supervision.


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